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Hello there, thank you very much for taking your time to stop by SLVC Online Academy!  If you don’t happen to know me already, I’m Sylvie   and   I am  extremely excited to share with you this brainchild of mine  that was born out of our current COVID pandemic.

I am an Executive Voice and Communications Coach, and as you can see from the logos and image above, SLVC Voice Training in London  has been my primary business where I help people 1:1 and in group + corporate workshops on improving and elevating their voice, accent, speaking and communications skills.  I’ve taught voice and speech to an extremely wide audience ranging from Montessori preschoolers to musical theatre performers and actors, senior managers of NGOS and other corporates, financial strategists in the big banks, Queen’s Counsel, to the top ranks of senior leaders with   titles all starting with ‘C’.

When the UK lockdown hit,  work stopped for a short two months and I filled my time with creating a free webinar series to share with my network that became more international due to the nature of LinkedIn and the internet. From there, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to  create some courses to build a ‘Business Resilience Programme‘ for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women  to help female entrepreneurs globally in low/middle-income countries.  In a short two weeks I had smashed out two communications courses and it gave me a sense of fire and passion to create a bigger programme within SLVC to reach other parts of the world to inspire change, impact and   help more people like you  in creating  high quality , value packed, practical courses so that we can all be a little bit more empowered in the world we find ourselves today.

To that, I invite you to explore our website and the courses  that myself and our team of expert coaches  have curated for you to level up to your next challenge!

SLVC Online Academy aims to be a holistic training platform  emphasising on practical  and actionable methodology of teaching, a supportive community of learners  led by a passionate, generous and knowledgeable team of coaches to guide you along your journey.

We celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion, bringing to the forefront teachers from all around the world of different backgrounds, cultures, herritages, languages, identities, abilities, lived experiences and  education.

I look forward to seeing  you on our courses and don’t forget.. we’re rooting for your success.

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