Culture in Communication

By: Nadege Minois, Ph.D

Effective communication is everything. It is the difference that makes average relationships into fulfilling and successful ones. Effective communication applies in every interaction: with your team, work colleagues, potential partners, suppliers, customers, or just interacting via social media with people from all over the world.

In addition to that, we also need to consider cultural competency – your ability to interact accurately and efficiently with people from various backgrounds, is becoming a key skill for anybody dealing with a wide range of people.

Imagine for yourself a world where you can…

  • Understand yourself better,
  • Understand others better
  • Gain your full  confidence
  • Be a better leader… AND 
  • Perform better in your work and life 

Doesn’t that sound great?

Well, all this is possible to achieve. Cultural competence is not something you are born with. You can improve it, as with any other skills. When you communicate well with different cultures, it is like an orchestra with the instruments coming all together to perform the most magical piece of music: everything is in tune.

Being culturally competent can make your communication more effective and allows you to communicate so that you are understood and you understand. The information you share becomes synchronised waves of clear and meaningful information, rippling between you and others

At SLVC Online Academy, you have the opportunity to improve your cultural competency and communications skills in our Signature course, “Communicating Across Cultures”. 

In this course, Sylvie and I will guide you through all that you need to know in becoming culturally competent in our behaviours, communication styles, voices and body language.

Are you ready to understand culture better and grasp the differences between cultures in how we behave and communicate?

Are you ready to take your intercultural voice and communication one step further?

PS. Here are two questions for you to ponder and you can look out for my next blog post on our exposure to the cultures around us!

  • ‘What is your exposure to cultural diversity?’
  • ‘What steps will you take to increase your intercultural communication? 

SLVC Online Academy offers courses that can help you with improving your Vocal and Communications Confidence in Leadership, Presentations, Interviews, Public Speaking and Intercultural Communication.

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